New Firmware Available for Nokia N80

Thanks to Symbian-Freak for reporting that there is a new updated firmware for the Nokia N80. The new firmware version is 5.0719.0.2. There is no change log available as of yet so we don’t know the fixes that this firmware takes care of but I’m guessing that it has to be more stable than the current FW 4.0707.0.7, which is very unstable.

I’ve had numerous problems with this FW, especially memory issues. I am planning on updating to the new FW. Will post an update.

Update 6/21/07: One full day with the new firmware and no issues to report as of yet. I have noticed that there seems to be better memory management. Other than that, nothing else that I have noticed.

3 Responses

  1. After updating, iSync (Mac) doesn’t want to work. Hmm.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I currently sync my N80 with my PC (although I also have a Mac), using PC Suite. Hopefully you can find a workaround.

  3. My workaround is to sync via the USB cable.
    iSync mumbled something about “detecting corruption” and that the next sync would take longer. It then found 37 conflicts (where I had to select manually what to do). It now seems to work (when using the USB cable). Bluetooth was slightly more convenient, though 🙂

    Setup Bluetooth Device no longer finds the name of the phone (it is now just called “Symbian Device”). Once registered as USB, I could no longer register it as Bluetooth. So I deleted the USB registration, re-added as Bluetooth (via iSync “Add Device”, not via Bluetooth Setup). It still calls itself “Symbian Device”, but now seems to sync via Bluetooth again. Total rigmarole.

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