The iPhone Effect

We all know the buzz and hype that the impending iPhone launch on June 29th has generated. The world is eagerly awaiting the phone that allegedly will revolutionize the mobile phone industry. AT&T has hired an additional 2,000 temporary workers to help deal with the influx of store traffic once the doors open for the iPhone-buying crowds.

There is no denying that this phone has caught the attention of consumers (geeks and non-geeks alike), and Apple and AT&T will sell a ton of these. I, personally, am struggling to decide whether my next device should be the iPhone or the Nokia N95.

The New York Times website has an interesting article about the iPhone and what it could do for the industry and AT&T.


Race for Next Billion Mobile Users

The race for the next billion mobile users is on and Nokia is leading the way, according to an article in Reuters. There are currently three billion mobile phone users worldwide, but this figure is expected to reach the 4 billion mark over the next three years.

Nokia holds a significant advantage in the Asia Pacific market with a 40 percent market share and a 36 percent global market share.