Windows Live Messenger for S60 3rd Ed

A Windows Live Messenger for S60 3rd Edition is out and about. If you’re a MSN Messenger or Hotmail user, this may be something you may want to download and try. I installed it on my N80 and it worked great. It gives me the ability to sign to my Messenger account, view Hotmail on your S60 device and access MSN Spaces as well.

I personally liked the UI and the chat screen has support for emoticons and displays the pictures of your online contacts. You also have the option to tell the client how you want to sign in(online, busy, appear offline). I look forward to testing the app further but so far so good.




8 Responses

  1. I’ve been using this for awhile now and I’m so happy that there is finally an MSN messenger client that works!!!

    The only problem that I’m having is changing my display image. Even if I select it from my gallery it never shows up. Have you had any success at this?

  2. Yes, I must agree…this was long overdue LOL. I haven’t had the problem you describe on my N80. The image I select shows up in the messenger client.

  3. Angel,

    What size is the image that you used and what format? Maybe it could be that my image is too big.

  4. Hi Darla,

    I’m using an image from the gallery in JPG format – 824Kb in size.

  5. goog

  6. well… where do I download this? The link that is on this site takes me to other kind of thing….
    someone please could help?

  7. I use the nokia E90 and have downloaded a symbian based live messenger. However this gave an error when trying to install it. Does anyone know of any other links other than http:/ Your help is much appreciated.

  8. […] 24 tommy MALAYSIA. Jul 27th, 2007 at 2:12 pm. It doesn´t work! … Windows Live Messenger for S60 3rd Ed « Mobile Fascination11 Jul 2007 … A Windows Live Messenger for S60 3rd Edition is out and about. If you’re a MSN […]

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