Nokia Adds Skype to N800 Tablet

On Wednesday, Nokia released a software update for its N800 tablet to add Skype. The software can be downloaded directly from Nokia’s site. Although it took Nokia six months to deliver this update, I’m sure N800 users will rejoice.

Via: Yahoo! Tech


iPods Hit by Lightning

Listen to your iPod in a storm and the result could be a lightning strike. There are reports of several people who’ve been hit by lightning while listening to iPods or using other kinds of electronic devices.

Contrary to some urban legends and media reports, electronic devices don’t attract lightning the way a tall tree or a lightning rod does.

When lightning jumps from a nearby object to a person, it often flashes over the skin. But metal in electronic devices — or metal jewelry or coins in a pocket — can cause contact burns and exacerbate the damage.

Now, this is some scary stuff!

In another case a few years ago, electric current from a lightning strike ran through a man’s pager, burning both him and his girlfriend who was leaning against him, said Dr. Vince Mosesso, an emergency doctor at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Via: Yahoo! Tech