PressDisplay Now Available For iPhone

A few weeks ago, I posted about PressDisplay being available for BlackBerry. PressDisplay is a service that allows you access to more than 500 newspapers from all over the world. Now PressDisplay has been released for iPhone owners.

From the PressDisplay blog:

And not just poor imitations of these papers, either: gives you exact replicas of these newspapers with smart navigation. It’s just like reading the print edition, only without the messy newsprint fingers.

One more thing… for iPhone is being offered at no charge through the end of August 2007.


Free until the end of August!! So there you have it. Thanks to Gayle Moss at PressDisplay for the heads up!



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  1. […] PressDisplay Now On All Macs Posted by Angel Martinez under news  A little while back, I wrote about PressDisplay and its availability for the iPhone. Well, I just received word from Gayle Moss at Newspaper Direct […]

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