Push Email: Cortado

Admittedly, one of the things I really miss from my BlackBerry devices is the push email. Push email comes to your device as it arrives at your mailbox and there is no need to be polling or checking email at intervals.

Since I got my Nokia E61i I have been looking at different options for push email and settled for one of the many available out there: Cortado.


Cortado uses Microsoft Exchange and offers a free option with a 20MB limit but you can also upgrade to several packages: Standard, Plus, Business and Business Plus. I will talk about the Standard option since this is the one I am currently using. Cortado Standard gives you a 250MB mailbox, 3 email aliases, Outlook Web access, Professional spam filter and virus protection, and ActiveSync synchronization. The Standard option will set you back $5.98 per month but you can try it for 30 days free to decide whether you want to commit to the monthly charge.

The instructions on the website to set up your account in your device are very straight-forward, they have screenshots and overall it was easy to set up. One of the settings you can tweak is the Peak/Off-Peak settings. I have mine set up for Peak between 8AM and 8PM and anything after that (including weekends) is off-peak. During off-peak, the email will not be “pushed” in real-time but rather at the intervals you set (for mine, off-peak is every 30 minutes).



Another option you can change is whether you want to synchronize calendar and contacts in addition to the email. One of the things that I find Cortado offers that made me go with them is the fact that I can specify which account shows up on all my outgoing emails and replies. For example, instead of the ‘address@cortado.com’ that I had to set up for the service, I have set to show my Yahoo Mail Plus account. This is very important for me since this is my primary account and the account that my contacts are used to seeing.

In my case, what I did was to set my Yahoo Mail Plus account to forward all emails to my Cortado email address, therefore they get pushed to my E61i and if I reply to them, it shows as replied from my Yahoo account. In addition, if I want to check my messages on the web I use the Outlook Web option, which works very well.


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    hey good stuff

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    what the catch is

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