PressDisplay Now On All Macs

A little while back, I wrote about PressDisplay and its availability for the iPhone. Well, I just received word from Gayle Moss at Newspaper Direct that the service is now available for all Macs using the Safari browser, which of course includes the iPhone and the newly announced iPod Touch.

PressDisplay can now be accessed on all Macs (and on iPhones and the iPod Touch) with the Safari browser. So now you can view many of your fave newspapers right in the palm of your hand. Even newspapers from other countries. (A complete list of over 500 newspapers can be viewed at

And not just pale imitations of these newspapers, either. offers exact replicas of these newspapers, with smart navigation that takes you from the end of a column to its continuation on another page (for example). You can email an article, or insert it into your blog and add your commentary. You can translate articles on the fly or listen to them. There’s also a Monitors feature that notifies you whenever a keyword is mentioned in any of the newspapers in the system. And for those who like to download, disconnect and go, there is a beta release available of the PressReader for the Mac as well.

It’s just like having the print edition, only with a whole lot more going for it and no messy newsprint fingers. Check out a couple of short videos that show you how it all works on the MAC and iPhone.

As a bonus…new users can register using offer code Safari and get 1 month FREE unlimited access. Give it a try – I think you’ll really like it!

FREE to try for a month, nothing to lose.  Below is a video demonstration of the service on the iPhone.


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