Jaiku Beta Photos

Jaiku Beta Photos

Originally uploaded by admartinezjr

Jaiku has a new private Beta of their S60 client. The new one includes support for photos. It is great and allows me to see thumbnails of the photo feeds and comment on them right on my S60 device. How cool is that!!

Kudos to the Jaiku team for continuing to develop the S60 mobile client and adding new features.


4 Responses

  1. ya !
    i have tasted its magic ,
    its awsome

  2. App works pretty well, but I can’t stand how it won’t let me use Wifi! The only connections it has (and keeps reverting to) are for connecting via my carrier’s APNs, which cost more money than I’m willing to spend. Ah well, here’s to hoping they remove that pretty silly requirement.

  3. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I’m hoping that they will change their mind and keep Wifi in the official release. Interesting that it won’t let you use Wifi….I tested it once and it connected for me. Hope you can work around the issue.

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