ShoZu Adds MMS Capabilities

ShoZu has now added the ability to upload your photos or videos to up to 30 multiple destinations with one single MMS. This is great if you upload to several sites such as Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Kodak EasyShare, MySpace, etc. Taking advantage of the new capabilities couldn’t be simpler. You simply set up the list of preferred services or destinations. From there, any picture or video you send to is automatically delivered to ShoZu’s servers and then forwarded to your preferred destinations.

I’ve always enjoyed ShoZu on my S60 devices but my current device is the iPhone so this is welcome news to me. I have been emailing pictures to Flickr but now I can simply send one email and the picture will get forwarded to several sites. Great and it saves me time!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 20, 2007) – Do you want to send the latest snapshot from your camera phone to your Flickr album, Facebook page, personal blog and best friend’s email simultaneously without creating multiple messages for every photo or video clip as well as paying for each upload? ShoZu Inc. today announced a new picture messaging/MMS service offering this mass publishing ability for every media-enabled handset, bringing its core technology and industry-leading integration with 30 social media sites to every phone for the first time.


One Response

  1. Hi Angel,
    Thanks for your review on ShoZu’s latest features 🙂 Our new MMS/email gateway truly brings ShoZu to the masses and we are really pleased to offer a service for everybody no matter what the phone type. As long as you can send an MMS/picture message or an email then you are set.

    Happy snapping!

    Jambo (ShoZu)

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