Appstore: I Am Rich. No, You Are A Moron….

I mean, come on, what kind of joke is this? A new app (should I even call that an app?) has shown up on the appstore by the name “I am Rich”. Now, we all know there are some good apps but just as many that are worthless to say the least. Somehow, Apple has decided to let this ‘joke’ get past their radars and tests and make it to the appstore for the public to consider buying, for as little as US$999.00 US$999.99…..YES, that’s right, $1K for this! Now, anyone who is willing to pay a dime for this is just an idiot! I don’t care how much money you have and if you really want to give money away, why not make a donation to a charity?

I am one to give praise to Apple when it deserves it, but this time I can only say that if they continue to allow this stupidity…..well, you get the point.