S60 Browser vs. Opera Mini

We all know about Opera Mini (now on Beta 2) and its powerful features. Honestly, since I wrote about the Opera Mini Beta release, one big letdown for me was that it was a RAM killer on my N80. With the release of Beta 2, I decided to try Opera again (this time on my current phone, Nokia E61i).

I did a quick comparison on the go between the S60 browser and Opera Mini to see which one would take more RAM from my device and to my surprise Opera Mini came out on top. Now, this is my own personal experience and is not by any means the result of any serious benchmark tests. I used the New York Times website for my test. In the screenshots below you can see how the available RAM is affected by each browser.

Started with 19.7MB of available RAM

Available RAM

NYTimes.com on S60 Browser

NYTimes.com on S60 Browser

6.9MB RAM Left (S60 Browser)

6.9MB RAM Left

NYTimes.com on Opera Mini

NYTimes.com on Opera Mini

9.9MB RAM Left (Opera Mini)

9.9MB RAM Left

The difference was 3MB, not much but certainly RAM that can be used to run other apps. I guess it I had a significant amount of memory on my E61i, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, until then….I want to squeeze as much RAM as I can possible can 🙂


New BlackBerry Browser?

BlackBerryCool reports of a new BlackBerry browser in the works, to be released just in time for the Pearl 2 launch. According to the anonymous informant who provided the scoop to BBCool, the new browser will support tab browsing and also favicon.ico support.

“There is also a new browser “home screen” that sports a listed history (with favicon.ico support, no less) and “search provider” functionality, courtesy of Google, Yahoo, Dictionary.com, IMDb.com, and Wikipedia.”

My question is, how about a browser that displays the real web page, like Opera Mini or the S60 browser? Is that too much to ask?

Opera Mini “Dimension” Beta is out

What a nice surprise I found this morning. Amongst all my new emails, I had one from Opera telling me that the Dimension Beta was out. Of course, how exciting, I had to go and download it right away.

Happy Tuesday :),

It’s ready. Opera Mini 4 Beta, “Dimension” is available for you to try. Thanks for waiting patiently as we work hard to give you something truly special. We’re proud to say Dimension sets a new standard for Web browsing on mobile phones. There are some noticeable improvements that we’ll describe in detail below.

No problems loading it on my Nokia N80IE. I will write more about its features after I’ve had some time to review the whole thing. For now, here are some screenshots.

UPDATE 6/20: So far so good with this Beta. I’ve noticed that pages load quickly and my phone doesn’t freeze with some websites like it does with the default browser. To Opera’s credit, the release lives up to its billing by “consuming” less data while loading websites.

I like the zoom option. It is easy to go back to a full preview of the page. I have tested the browser extensively with the New York Times website and it has worked flawlessly. I was able to log in to MySpace and it also worked very well.

My only gripe so far is navigating the menus, which seems to be very slow at times.

I think Opera is on the right track here. I have completely replaced the built-in S60 browser for the Dimension Beta.