Will the iPhone Blend?

Ouch!!! That’s all I have to say about this crazy video on YouTube. Why destroy it? I would have taken your extra one man! He’s placing it on eBay if someone wants to buy it, I think I’ll pass 😉

The Joy of Tech: CNN’s Situation Room

This Joy of Tech strip is actually very funny in my opinion 🙂



N95 vs. iPhone

Symbian-Guru and IntoMobile have created a series of funny videos comparing the iPhone to the N95. The videos are very clever and well-made. They will release one each day at 6PM CST. If you haven’t seen them, please do and give credit to these guys.

Today’s was episode 2: N95 vs. iPhone – Camera.

See the video here.

Funny CrackBerry Addiction Video

I have to admit that I have personally been a victim of this addiction, although not to this level 🙂