Olympics on the Go

As the entire world knows, the Olympic games are currently underway in Beijing. We’re all trying to keep tabs one way or another. If you own an iPhone, you can point your browser to iOlympics, an iPhone webapp site with information on the games, news, tv schedule, etc. It even has a nice countdown of when the games will end.

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Appstore: I Am Rich. No, You Are A Moron….

I mean, come on, what kind of joke is this? A new app (should I even call that an app?) has shown up on the appstore by the name “I am Rich”. Now, we all know there are some good apps but just as many that are worthless to say the least. Somehow, Apple has decided to let this ‘joke’ get past their radars and tests and make it to the appstore for the public to consider buying, for as little as US$999.00 US$999.99…..YES, that’s right, $1K for this! Now, anyone who is willing to pay a dime for this is just an idiot! I don’t care how much money you have and if you really want to give money away, why not make a donation to a charity?

I am one to give praise to Apple when it deserves it, but this time I can only say that if they continue to allow this stupidity…..well, you get the point.

iPhone 2.0.1 Available

Apple has released version 2.0.1 of the iPhone firmware. It is available through iTunes for those who want to update their iPhones. One thing I noticed is that it doesn’t mention specific fixes, it simply says “bug fixes”.

I have already updated my iPhone to 2.0.1 and so far so good. One fix that I’ve noticed so far is in the address book. Before, there would be a couple of seconds lapse between the time you selected the search field and when the keyboard would pop up. This is fixed with this update and the keyboard is immediately available and search is fast and responsive.

WordPress iPhone App

WordPress has joined the party and has released a native iPhone app. I’m actually writing this post from said app. I guess I’ll have more time to test it out but so far so good. One negative so far is that the app does not make use of the accelerometer. It would have been nice to take advantage of the bigger keyboard layout when the iPhone is sideways.

Maybe on a future release? Who knows!


iPhone Apps: My Fave 5

I’ve had about 3 days since upgrading my iPhone to firmware 2.0 and the opportunity to download and try many of the apps in the iTunes appstore, so the idea for this post is to list my favorite five applications so far and why I like them. So let’s get started.

1. MLB.com At Bat (US$4.99)

I’m a huge baseball fan and a huge Yankees fan. I absolutely love this app. The ability to just fire this up and have all the scoring info from all the games at my fingertips is just phenomenal. I can just tap on a game and see the line score, see who’s on base, who’s pitching and who’s hitting. MLB.com took it even a step further and a simple tap of the video icon let’s you watch clips from the game (same as on the MLB.com website). The video works well even on EDGE (although a bit pixelated) but on WiFi is magnificent. This was the first app that I downloaded and I didn’t think twice to pay the $4.99!

MLB At Bat iPhone App

MLB At Bat iPhone App

2. Facebook (Free)

What can I say about this app? Clean design, well thought out and simply great. The Friends section can easily replace the iPhone Contacts section at times. A simple tap on a phone number calls your friend. Same for email, just tap an email address and voila! – mail app opens up. You can even take a picture right from the Facebook app. Great!

Facebook iPhone App

Facebook iPhone App

3. ShoZu (Free)

I’ve always loved ShoZu on my S60 devices and when I got the iPhone I continued to use ShoZu by emailing the pictures. This method worked great but having a native app is always better. This way I can see my friends pictures and comment right on the app without having to go to Flickr, for example. Sending photos is as simple as a tap on “Send Photos” and choosing the picture you want to send. This app is a gem and certainly something I was missing.

ShoZu iPhone App

ShoZu iPhone App

4. Google App (Free)

Google did not disappoint with their iPhone app offering. Start typing in the search box and the app starts giving you suggestions. It even searches within your address book. Simply tap on one of the results and Safari opens up. I find myself using this a lot now.

Google iPhone App

Google iPhone App

5. Evernote (Free)

Evernote is very useful in allowing you to save notes and all sorts of information. I used this constantly on my computer and also made use of their web clipper to save web pages and things of interest. Now with this app, I can save a text note, take a picture of something and save it to my Evernote account to remember later and even an audio note. But the best part of it is that I can access this information from any web browser anywhere I am.

Evernote iPhone App

Evernote iPhone App

Needless to say, there are other great apps that I have tried so far but since the title says “My Fave 5”, I need to stop at 5, right? NOT! Who says I can’t have some notable mentions? Here they are:







Midomi Mobile

Midomi Mobile

Midomi Mobile




iPhone 2.0 Installed

I came home from work and decided to download the iPhone 2.0 software and updated my original iPhone. The update process took approximately 30 minutes, complete with a restore and re-sync of all my data. So far so good….I have hit the AppStore and downloaded quite a few apps. I am putting them through the paces right now and I’m happy to report that I haven’t experienced the issues (slowness, crashes) that others have reported (knock on wood). Could it be because I never jailbroke my phone? Who knows!

At this point, I think I will wait out a few days before taking the plunge for the iPhone 3G…..maybe I won’t get it after all. Who am I kidding? 🙂

ShoZu Now on iPhone….

Well, on July 11th, to be exact. That’s right, ShoZu has announced that their official iPhone application will be available on the iTunes App Store and will be a free download. This is certainly welcomed news for me as an iPhone user and even better since I am considering the iPhone 3G.

Check out the video.

Bizarre: Alter Your Fingers For An iPhone

Now, we all come across crazy stories on the internet, but this one is just beyond bizarre to me. A Colorado man, Thomas Martel, went under the knife to alter his fingers so that he could improve his typing on his iPhone.

“From my old Treo, to my Blackberry, to this new iPhone, I had a hard time hitting the right buttons, and I always lost those little styluses”.

The technique is called “whittling” and consists of doctors making a small cut in each finger, then shaving off the bones and adjusting the muscles and fingernails to fit the new thumb size. Now tell me if this is not bizarre! Do you love your gadget that much to even consider this?

Via: Engadget Mobile

Update 8/11: This story is not true. It is a satire.  Link to Snopes.com piece.

PressDisplay Now Available For iPhone

A few weeks ago, I posted about PressDisplay being available for BlackBerry. PressDisplay is a service that allows you access to more than 500 newspapers from all over the world. Now PressDisplay has been released for iPhone owners.

From the PressDisplay blog:

And not just poor imitations of these papers, either: PressDisplay.com gives you exact replicas of these newspapers with smart navigation. It’s just like reading the print edition, only without the messy newsprint fingers.

One more thing… PressDisplay.com for iPhone is being offered at no charge through the end of August 2007.


Free until the end of August!! So there you have it. Thanks to Gayle Moss at PressDisplay for the heads up!


Will the iPhone Blend?

Ouch!!! That’s all I have to say about this crazy video on YouTube. Why destroy it? I would have taken your extra one man! He’s placing it on eBay if someone wants to buy it, I think I’ll pass 😉