Nokia and Microsoft Working Together?

Going through my Google Reader just a moment ago, I was taken by surprise when I read on Engadget Mobile that Nokia and Microsoft might be working on integrating the Zune Marketplace into some of the Finnish phone maker’s handsets. My first question was “is this going to co-exist with Nokia’s own  Music Store?” While still not launched in the US, it is expected to be at some point.

Then I thought that the Zune Marketplace is more than just a place to download music. Other types of content can be had from the Zune Marketplace, i.e., tv shows, video podcasts, etc. In my opinion, it would certainly be interesting and would give consumers more choices, which is always a good thing.

Let’s keep in mind that this is still just a rumor and nothing has been confirmed. Still, it’d be interesting to see what others think about this.


S60 Browser Shortcut: Duh!

Sometimes we find tips and shortcuts in the most casual and unusual of situations. In my case, while reading an entry on the S60 Devices blog about a new E61i theme, I stumbled upon a comment made by a reader (Lehmann) after observing that the theme had the S60 browser icon in the Standby Screen. Lehmann suggested to just use the shortcut “Press and hold 0” to access the browser and therefore free up one valuable icon space that could be used for another application.


Now, I say duh! because I don’t know how I didn’t think of doing this before. I mean, I have used this shortcut before in other S60 devices and even a Sony Ericsson device but for some reason I have had the S60 browser occupying an icon space on my standby screen. Thanks to Lehmann, now I can use that space for some other application.

Nokia and Microsoft PlayReady DRM

Reports are indicating that Nokia has signed a deal with Microsoft to license the company’s PlayReady DRM technology. It appears PlayReady will be a part of upcoming devices (S60 and S40) beginning in 2008. Now, all of this seems to be undeniably linked to Nokia’s plans to get into the online music business. A big announcement of sorts is expected on August 29.

Via: Engadget Mobile

Video Review of Download! App For E-Series

Steve Litchfield, from AllAboutSymbian, has a video review of the Download! Application for Nokia E-Series devices. He’s specifically using a Nokia E61i for the demonstration. Amongst the apps highlighted are WorldMate, ROK TV and a Reuters Flash Lite application.

Via: AllAboutSymbian

Windows Live Messenger for S60 3rd Ed

A Windows Live Messenger for S60 3rd Edition is out and about. If you’re a MSN Messenger or Hotmail user, this may be something you may want to download and try. I installed it on my N80 and it worked great. It gives me the ability to sign to my Messenger account, view Hotmail on your S60 device and access MSN Spaces as well.

I personally liked the UI and the chat screen has support for emoticons and displays the pictures of your online contacts. You also have the option to tell the client how you want to sign in(online, busy, appear offline). I look forward to testing the app further but so far so good.



New Firmware Available for Nokia N80

Thanks to Symbian-Freak for reporting that there is a new updated firmware for the Nokia N80. The new firmware version is 5.0719.0.2. There is no change log available as of yet so we don’t know the fixes that this firmware takes care of but I’m guessing that it has to be more stable than the current FW 4.0707.0.7, which is very unstable.

I’ve had numerous problems with this FW, especially memory issues. I am planning on updating to the new FW. Will post an update.

Update 6/21/07: One full day with the new firmware and no issues to report as of yet. I have noticed that there seems to be better memory management. Other than that, nothing else that I have noticed.