Video Review of Download! App For E-Series

Steve Litchfield, from AllAboutSymbian, has a video review of the Download! Application for Nokia E-Series devices. He’s specifically using a Nokia E61i for the demonstration. Amongst the apps highlighted are WorldMate, ROK TV and a Reuters Flash Lite application.

Via: AllAboutSymbian


Will the iPhone Blend?

Ouch!!! That’s all I have to say about this crazy video on YouTube. Why destroy it? I would have taken your extra one man! He’s placing it on eBay if someone wants to buy it, I think I’ll pass 😉

PodTech:Microblogging comes of age with Jaiku

Robert Scoble with the co-founders of Jaiku, Jyri Engeströn and Petteri Koponen.

[podtech content=] N95 Video at the iPhone Line

Interesting and cool video at, filmed completely on the Nokia N95, from the iPhone launch line at the San Francisco Apple Flagship store.

Nokia’s DVB-H Standard Has Backing of EU

The EU is backing Nokia’s own DVB-H standard for mobile TV. The EU is seeking to have a single standard as opposed to other nations with several standards.

Wireless Week reports that the EU intends to add DVB-H to its published list of standards in mid-July.

“I know that competition among different standards can, for some time, be a good way to let the market identify the best solution,” EC telecommunications regulator Viviane Reding told an industry conference. “But we have been waiting too long. The opportunities are slipping away. It is time to break the deadlock.”

The article also mentions that DVB-H has a strong support in the US. I can’t wait for MobileTV service to really take off in the US but that won’t happen until we have 3G networks widely available throughout the country.

N95 vs. iPhone

Symbian-Guru and IntoMobile have created a series of funny videos comparing the iPhone to the N95. The videos are very clever and well-made. They will release one each day at 6PM CST. If you haven’t seen them, please do and give credit to these guys.

Today’s was episode 2: N95 vs. iPhone – Camera.

See the video here.

iPhone Video has a 20 minute video of the iPhone. The video showcases the phone’s features such as Messaging, Cover Flow, Google Maps, YouTube, setting your own wallpaper and ringtones, etc.

We are six days away for the long awaited iPhone launch. You can see the video here.

Funny CrackBerry Addiction Video

I have to admit that I have personally been a victim of this addiction, although not to this level 🙂