ShoZu Now on iPhone….

Well, on July 11th, to be exact. That’s right, ShoZu has announced that their official iPhone application will be available on the iTunes App Store and will be a free download. This is certainly welcomed news for me as an iPhone user and even better since I am considering the iPhone 3G.

Check out the video.


After a Long Hiatus….

It has certainly been a long time since my last post on this blog and the reason for that was the lack of time with my job and life and everything else. It has been 6 months since I last posted! With that said, I will try to get back in the swing of things and post with more regularity.

Yamilee’s note to Santa

Yamilee’s note to Santa

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This is the note from my 6-yr old daughter to Santa. She wrote it herself with some help from me of course.

ShoZu Adds MMS Capabilities

ShoZu has now added the ability to upload your photos or videos to up to 30 multiple destinations with one single MMS. This is great if you upload to several sites such as Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Kodak EasyShare, MySpace, etc. Taking advantage of the new capabilities couldn’t be simpler. You simply set up the list of preferred services or destinations. From there, any picture or video you send to is automatically delivered to ShoZu’s servers and then forwarded to your preferred destinations.

I’ve always enjoyed ShoZu on my S60 devices but my current device is the iPhone so this is welcome news to me. I have been emailing pictures to Flickr but now I can simply send one email and the picture will get forwarded to several sites. Great and it saves me time!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 20, 2007) – Do you want to send the latest snapshot from your camera phone to your Flickr album, Facebook page, personal blog and best friend’s email simultaneously without creating multiple messages for every photo or video clip as well as paying for each upload? ShoZu Inc. today announced a new picture messaging/MMS service offering this mass publishing ability for every media-enabled handset, bringing its core technology and industry-leading integration with 30 social media sites to every phone for the first time.



Well, well, well….the surprise of the day for me is when I received an email announcing Jaiku had been acquired by Google. I don’t think anyone saw this coming (at least not as quickly) and the Jaiku people kept it pretty quiet. Big congrats are in order for the people at Jaiku for all their hard work and innovative service.

Jaiku is by far my favorite SoNet right now and the one I use more than any other.

From the official release:

Exciting news: Google has bought Jaiku today.

What does that mean? First and foremost, we’re of course continuing to support our existing users. So fear not: your Jaiku phone, the Web site, IM, SMS, and API will continue to work normally.

That said, new user sign-ups have been limited for the time being. The idea here is to enable our team to get right to work with Google’s engineers on delivering a new, better service to you as quickly as we can instead of spending our efforts on optimizing the current back-end. Existing users will still be able to invite their friends, and those who are not yet on Jaiku can send us a request for an invitation to join.

Jaiku Beta Photos

Jaiku Beta Photos

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Jaiku has a new private Beta of their S60 client. The new one includes support for photos. It is great and allows me to see thumbnails of the photo feeds and comment on them right on my S60 device. How cool is that!!

Kudos to the Jaiku team for continuing to develop the S60 mobile client and adding new features.

Things I Do With My S60 Device

I love my Nokia E61i, that’s no secret. So I thought “heck, why not write a post about the things that I use my E61i for?” Well, that’s exactly what this post is about: a simple list of the things that I do on my device. Oh, and did I say I love the S60 Symbian platform? 🙂

1. Push Email with Mail4Exchange. I use Cortado (I wrote about it here). Push email and support for attachments.

2. VOIP calling with Gizmo. I use voip occasionally to call internationally (maybe two or three times a month). I also use Fring for Skype calling.


3. Instant Messaging. Using Gizmo IM at the moment which supports AIM, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. I also have Fring installed on the device for GTalk.


4. Jaiku. One of my favorite things to do. Jaiku is a Web 2.0 social network with a nifty S60 application.


5. Full Browsing Experience. Using either S60 browser or Opera Mini (my favorite), I can view full HTML pages, not just crappy WAP pages.


6. Google Maps. Sure, it’s not GPS but I love it and it has come in handy so many times for me. Simply love it!


7. Documents. I can view and edit Word and Excel documents and view PowerPoint slides using QuickOffice, which came loaded on the device.


8. Podcasts. I subscribe, download and listen to my favorite podcasts right on my phone using Nokia’s Podcasting application.


9. E-Books. Using MobiReader I can read all kinds of e-books. I do realize that not everyone likes to read e-books on such small screens but it works for me. I have read entire books on this and other devices.


10. Games. Truth be told, I don’t play too many games but I can play the occasional game, such as GolfPro Contest 🙂


This is just some of the things I do with my device. I also take pictures (2MP camera – not the greatest) and upload them to Flickr using ShoZu; take occasional videos and listen to music. The E61i is WiFi enabled and has been an awesome device filled with great features.